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  • Venture Capital has changed...

    The process for building and growing technology startups has changed significantly over the past decade. Fundraising must also evolve with the demands required by today's entrepreneurs. New Stack Ventures was founded on the principle that both the 'Tech Stack' and the 'Funding Stack' will continue to evolve.

    We invest exclusively at the 1st Institutional Round of Funding. This stage is often called the pre-seed, early seed, or angel round.


    • LEAD INVESTOR:  We lead investments in IoT, Deep Tech, Connected Devices
      Smart Hardware startups
    • CO-INVESTOR:  We co-invest more broadly across categories in Under-Capitalized 
      (primarily the Midwest)


    New Stack has invested in both Consumer and Enterprise-focused startups in the following categories: IoT, SaaS, Metered Service, Communities, Platforms, Marketplaces, Digital Health, Cyber Security, AR/VR, Crypto, Payments, Supply-Chain, Privacy, and Deep Tech.


    Themes that we look for include:

    • TRACTABLE: Tools that give non-experts, expert capabilities
    • DEMOCRATIZATION: Platforms that enable users to build & drive value
    • ACCESS TO IDLE SUPPLY: Creating or providing access to idle capacity
    • CUSTOMER EXPANSION: Increased usage can be increasingly monetized
    • NETWORK EFFECTS: Value & switching costs increase as users increase
    • BD INNOVATION: Customer acquisition strategy is as novel as the product
    • COMPETING W/ NON-CONSUMPTION: Turning non-consumers into consumers
  • New Stack Ventures has two investment arms--

    a fund and a syndicate

    A committed fund that invests

    $150k per startup

    A group of 350+ Angels that invest

    $100k-$500k per startup

    The Fund & Syndicate invest together. NSV invests a minimum of $150k and a max of $650k

  • Portfolio

    New Stack is a proud investor ($100k+) in and partner with the companies below. Our entire portfolio, including Nick's and Jeff's smaller angel investments, can be found here.


    Scope AR

    Regroup Therapy


    Print With Me








  • About

    Nick Moran

    General Partner

    Developer-> M&A-> Product Mgr-> Venture Investor

    Prior to New Stack, Nick worked for Danaher (NYSE: DHR). After a few years in M&A, Nick led breakthrough innovation, developing one of the most successful products in the company's history -- an IoT solution w/ a novel method for testing compounds in drinking water. In addition to investing, Nick founded the 1st Venture Capital podcast, The Full Ratchet.

    Jeff Heitzman

    Syndicate Leader

    Engineer-> Trader-> Risk Mgr-> Venture Investor

    Jeff has worked 15+ yrs in the finance/options industry at Chicago Trading Company, as a Quant Trader and Technology Risk Manager. He's made 50+ startup investments, with multiple exits, developing an expertise in fintech & frontier tech. In addition to managing the New Stack syndicate, Jeff leads CTC Ventures, the fintech+ investment arm of CTC.

    Mark Ladd

    Venture Partner

    Marketing-> BD-> Design Prj Mgr-> Founder-> Venture Investor

    Mark has 25+ years of management experience leading design and technical innovation for multi-national A/E/C and emerging tech companies. Mark is the Founder/ CEO of LyteShot, an immersive augmented reality (AR) gaming platform leveraging the cloud and connected devices. Mark leads Malex Design, a consultancy developing solutions bridging virtual and built environments. Early investor in Build A Bear Workshop (NYSE: BBW).

    Grant Newlin


    Consultant-> iBanker-> Corp Finance Mgr-> VC Associate

    Grant has advised companies ranging from Fortune 100 to startups. Most recently, he led a team that ran the integration of Kraft Foods and Heinz under 3G Capital. Previously, he ran buy and sell-side M&A transactions at Waller Helms Advisors as a Healthcare and FinTech specialist. Grant began his career as a Consultant in the EY Financial Services practice.

  • Founder Quotes

    "Nobody – and I mean nobody – in Chicago can offer such sage advice when it comes to seed stage hardware startups than Nick Moran. After a career of being highly skeptical of the value which professional investors actually bring to startups, Nick has single-handedly changed my mind. If you have the opportunity to work with Nick, take it!"

    Richard Stokes, founder, Winston

    Founder Quotes

    “Our investment rounds were highly competitive and choosing investment partners was difficult. Ultimately, Nick’s reputation in the investment community as a genuine and thoughtful investor drove my decision to move forward with New Stack.”

    David Rabie, founder, Tovala

    Founder Quotes

    “After faithfully listening to Nick’s best-in-class podcast, I reached out while planning our fundraise. It was an honor to have New Stack co-lead our pre-seed round. Nick has made introductions to many brand name investors. He doesn’t hesitate to use his network and expertise to create significant value.”

    Ryan Corey, founder, Cybrary

    Founder Quotes

    “Our largest angel is a big fan of The Full Ratchet. We were fortunate that he recommended Nick. New Stack helped create our Series A strategy and connected us with many great investors.”

    David Cohn, founder, Regroup Therapy

    Founder Quotes

    “Nick has built a strong brand in the Midwest. He’s interviewed many top VCs and has a large audience of investors and entrepreneurs. Given the relatively small number of partners who understand smart hardware, it was refreshing to work with Nick and his team who get our business model (and challenges) - and it quickly became clear we wanted them to be a part of our seed round.”

    John Renaldi, founder, Jiobit

    Founder Quotes

    “NSV supported us early on, before many other investors. We were confident that they understood the sector and could help us with both fundraising and operations.”

    Scott Montgomerie, founder, ScopeAR

    Founder Quotes

    “Nick has gone through the difficult process of building a physical product. He understands the nuances of design, development, and marketing. He brings a unique skill set that most investors don’t have.”

    Jonathan Treble, founder, PrintWithMe

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